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We’ll do our best to provide you more information and inspirational thoughts as you plan to reached your goal and attain your dependency in online marketing. Looking forward for your comments to every articles we produce in this pages. Thank you for being a part of it.


Proactive Selling

This article distinguishes proactive selling from reactive selling and illustrates the technique and benefits associated with proactive selling.

Don’t Think Objections Are Necessarily Bad.

Many salespeople perceive prospects’ objections negatively. When these salespeople hear objections, they simply see them as obstacles in the way of closing a sale. However, there are more positive ways you and your salespeople can view objections.

Wholesale – Is It Worth The Cost?

A rather devil’s advocate look at whether or not buying wholesale is worth the cost of excessive inventory, if you truly don’t have the need for it.

Pricing Mortgage Leads

If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker on the market for internet mortgage leads, than many things will be of importance to you, including the cost of the lead.

Don’t Shoot the Sales Team

Revenue is down. Sales are slowing. The CEO looks up from the business plan and realizes that the company won?t meet analysts? expectations. Focusing on the organization?s sales leader, the stage is set for sacrificing a scapegoat.

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