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Business contacts are the best, most effective, and most efficient way to generate business. Through networking and relationship marketing you can cultivate many business contacts. The hope is that many of these are potential sweet spot clients.

When you think about building a base of business contacts you should be on the look out for those people who have a high likelihood of needing your services. Networking for referrals is great but you should focus on business contacts who present a direct line to potential work.

Business Contacts Most Likely To Hire You

The following types of companies have a definite need for IT services. Try to develop as many business contacts within these types of organizations as possible.

Advertising and marketing consultants
Catering Companies
Commercial Printers
Graphic Designers
Insurance Adjusters, Agents
Residential and Commercial Property Managers
Restaurants with POS systems
Transportation companies

When you seek to develop business contacts, make sure you find out who the buyers or decision makers are. It is a good idea to have business contacts with people in administrative or financial occupations. These people are often at the center of IT hiring decisions. Seek to make business contacts with accountants, administrators, bookkeepers, controllers, office managers, and operations managers and sales staff.

The Bottom Line on Business Contacts

Business contacts are critical to your business development. While all business contacts have inherent potential, it is important that you hone in on those people who are in a position to hire you. Look to make business contacts with people in the administrative hub of an organization. Making in-roads with these people has a high potential payoff in terms of business generation.

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