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Follow up is a critical activity for maximizing your lead potential. Whenever you meet anyone you should immediately send a follow up letter, postcard, phone call ? anything to keep your name in their mind.

You go to meetings and business networking events to make contacts. The contacts you make might not be interested right away but if you do a good job of follow-up, when they are ready they know who to call. Good follow up activities include:

Phone Calls
Seminar invites

You don’t want your follow up to be overwhelming. Typically sending your contacts something every few months is sufficient. You should aim to provide some sort of follow up four to five times per year.

Follow up will lead to business. That is why you must follow up with everyone. Do not discount any lead. Perhaps you lose out to a competitor the first time. The person who hired your competitor may leave, the competitor him or her self may move on; you never know what will happen. By continuing your follow up, you are in a position to step in should the opportunity arise.

The Bottom Line on Follow Up

Follow up is extremely important. You need to keep your business name in the forefront of people’s mind. This way, if/when they need your services they will be more inclined to call you than a random number from the phone book. The cost to follow up with your leads is minimal and the rewards can be huge.

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