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Once you make the decision to put a property on the market, you want it to move as soon as possible. Here are some thoughts on going from for sale to sold.

From For Sale to Sold!

Every single person listing a property for sale wants it sold as soon as possible. This may sound like an assumption on my part, but I have yet to meet a seller who wanted to wait months and months before getting an offer. Admittedly, they are probably out there, but you are not one if you are reading this article. If I am correct, the following advice will help it come to fruition.

1. Don?t worry about major upgrades. This can be expensive and time intensive. Worry about quick changes that will make major visual improvements. We are talking touch up paint and landscaping.

2. As moronic as it sounds, clean your house! And the garage! And the side of the house you haven?t visited in a few years! And the closets! And the garage again!

3. Have the carpets professionally cleaned. Heck, have the entire home professionally cleaned. You want to aim for the look of a model home in a new development.

4. If you have children, a battle may be required. I am talking about their rooms, the place where few parents are willing to tread. Posters on the wall come down. Now. Beds made, clothes in the hamper. Yes, the closets must even be organized. If fully realize this may sound like Mission Impossible IV, but it must be done. Threats and bribery are highly recommended to achieve the desired results!

5. If you have pets, they belong outside. No, I am not against pets. The issue is their hair on the carpet?the couch…and so on.

6. Smell is one of our senses that figures into our impressions more than we realize. If you are going to be showing the property, get flowers, candles or cook something mouthwatering before the potential buyer arrives. You would be surprised how much this helps.

All of this is common sense once you think it through. Each will help you close that deal, but there is one area that is the key to really moving a property quickly ? the price.

The quickest way to sell a property is to list it below the price of similar structures for sale in your area. It is that simple. Buyers are looking for a steal. Generally, this translates into buying the cheapest property on the block with the intention of upgrading it and reaping equity gains. Some get around to the upgrades, some do not. Regardless of the condition of your property, the key to moving it is price.

Real estate is not a particularly complex subject matter. Make an effort to follow the above advice and you should see a positive result.