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30 minutes session in the INFRADOC infrared cabin (sauna) are enough to make your body get sweet intensively and to make your organism get rid of scum and toxin. Mild and deep penetrating heat tones up the body, helps to destress tired muscles, stimulates blood circulation and metabolism.
All INFRADOC infrared cabins, infrared sauna are made of the Canadian red cedar which is up to 300 years old (for INFRADOC infrared sauna making is especially only heartwood taken). The Canadian red cedar due to it’s elegance and magnificent looking serves as a good decoration for every interior equipment.The Canadian red cedar is natural antiseptics and natural antibiotic.The INFRADOC infrared cabins are equipped with Incoloy heaters which emit ?VITAL RAYS? and give very gentle and healing heat.
infrarot waermekabine
infrared sauna