This is the actual demonstration for RESTAURANT ONLINE ORDERING SYSTEM.

Caution: The Restaurant presented in the demo is NOT an actual restaurant. There is no product  delivered, but it will process the order in real-time. In the event that you want to try to order and the payment transaction was process succesfully, please note that there is no refund. All transaction records will be sent through your email.


Restaurant Online Ordering System

  1. Our system will design a menu sign postcard with QR code that you can post, or  place it in the restaurant table with a stand, similar postcard as shown at the right. You can customized everything in the postcard, Logo, color, text. The actual size is 5″ x 7″.
  2. ( Note before you proceed, contact us first and request  your access to the back office so you will experience the functionality of the ordering system. FREE. Client login button as shown below. Use laptop or desktop to operate your back office )
  3. Now is your turn to simulate the entire process to ensure it works!
  4. As a Customer – SCAN the QR code using your smartphone. Check everything, Click the category, Chose the menu. Customize your order, make some comments to your order, and Click continue. You can go back again and get another menu until you are done. Click “continue” after each order. Once the order is done, click the Cart button and check your order, then click checkout. Upon checkout, it will direct you to sign-in page. The rest is to process your payment. When using the menu app you need to Register and fill out the form when you are prompted to sign-in page.
  5. As a Restaurant Manager – Log in to your back office and check the in-coming orders. Procesing will take a little time depending on your internet connection, usually it’s immediate. You can check all the information for your customers, the order, the payment, the contact information, and other features.
  6. Our system will also provide you with a full-page website. ( click the “Restaurant Website” button below )
  7. Our system is a CMS ( Content Management System } where it gathers all the data that is needed to operate your business efficiently and effectively.
  9. It’s all FREE!