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Copyright ? 2006 John Horsch

When I create a sales page I have an overall plan in my mind, a basic concept of what I want to say, this plan usually evolves as I proceed on the copy, the words seeming to come out of thin air. I think this is due to the years I have spent writing copy and, at first failing, but never giving up. Sure I had my moments, most do. I felt like I had just created the most finely crafted sales page ever and nobody was buying, I was confused and even frustrated. I look back now at some of the web copy I created and laugh. It took me years to finally understand HOW to use certain words and the true power these words have when used properly, and used in the PROPER location on the web page. Of course, you MUST know your product, if you don’t know what your selling there is no way you can write an effective sales page that sells.

My first draft I don’t worry about spelling or cap’s I just want the words to flow and get them down. Nor am I too concerned at this time about structure, these things can be worked out later. It can take me from 4 to12 hours just to create a one page sales page, and then days going back over it and tweaking the wording, the structure, the look and the overall feel of the sales page. Think that’s too long? It’s not, we are talking about making money here. The lifeblood of making money online is your sales page. Then I go back over what I have written and try to structure it from the customers eye. If I was a newbie reading this page would it overwhelm me? Is it too long and boring? Does it look funny? I ask myself these type of questions as I review my work.?

Your sales page structure can be as important as the actual copy. There is a fine balance between too much ad copy and too little, this is something I battle every time I craft a sales page. Usually…no always I feel like I have too much copy, but at the same time I want to capture all the benefits of my product for the customer. Customers have different needs, different ideas on what they want, one thing on my sales page may not appeal to one prospect as much as it does the other. More questions I ask myself- Have you created excitement at the top of your page? Have you “drawn-in” your prospect in the middle and kept them wanting more? Structuring your sales page properly can make the whole “sales” process much more enjoyable to your prospects, thereby creating a sale.

When crafting copy for a sales pages make sure to describe your product fully and tell your potential customer exactly why they need it. Capitalize and Bold a few key words throughout your sales page and be sure to use Trigger words within your sales page. If you can master the use of trigger words, and there placement, your sales will jump significantly.

Here is one of my favorite trigger sentences:
Don’t waste another SECOND! Take ADVANTAGE of the LOW Introductory Price NOW!!

Notice how I capitalized and bolded a few keywords. You want to do this only on words that convey action or create curiosity in some way. Trigger means to trigger a sale… in an instant, that’s our goal. They are particularly effective near the bottom, right before your payment link. Take the time to practice these techniques for a long successful online experience and watch your sales go up…up…up.