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Digital Business Card

A vCard is an electronic business (or personal) card and is also the name of an industry specification for the kind of communication exchange that is done on business or personal cards. You may have seen a vCard attached to an e-mail note someone has sent you. … vCards can include images and sound as well as text.

  • A vCard will Download the Following information to your Phone Contacts:

    • Your Picture
    • Phone Number
    • Fax Number
    • Your Email Address
    • Your Website or Mobile App
    • Your Address

Digital Business Cards- Mobile Digital Business Cards allow you to share your electronic business card with other smartphone users. You can create a personalized virtual business card. Paper business cards come in handy at conferences, trade shows, professional lunches, and other in-person networking events. When someone asks for your card, it means they want a tangible reminder of who you are and how you met. Jotting a quick note on your printed card will help them recall this information when following up with you later.

Website Design

We have all kinds of ready made websites for your business. Kindly browse our list of actual website for your own style  and  design and or contact us for more details.

  • Send us this following basic impormation if you can so we can start your project ASAP:

    • Your domain name if available
    • Your address
    • Fax Number
    • Your Email Address
    • Your phone number
    • Any images in relation to your website





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