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Sell With an Attitude

When selling a product or giving a sales presentation, you always want to convey a positive, upbeat attitude at all times. This will send a crystal clear message to your audience that you believe in the product you sell, and that they should also.

It is rare that you come across a person in sales that is down on his luck, moping around with his head down, and feeling sorry for himself. This person is definitely in the wrong business.

Attitude is everything in sales, from the gleam in your eye, right down to the polished shoes on your feet.

Have you ever heard the expression ?smile, it?s contagious?? well it?s true, your smile is contagious, so smile when you greet your customer, they most definitely will return the gesture.

Imagine someone trying to sell you something without ever looking you in the eye, or shaking your hand upon meting you. This would be an indication to most people that the person selling the product does not believe in, or care about their product. Imagine asking them questions and being left with blank stares and empty answers. You will most likely not be doing business with this person.

The above example would be a description of someone ?not? selling with an attitude.

When I say ?sell with an attitude,? I don?t mean that you have to go out and buy a T-shirt that says ?I have an attitude.?

An attitude can be many things, but in sales you want it to be positive. It can be nice, or laid back. You don?t have to be loud and boisterous. It is not necessary to give two handed political hand shakes, or go around back slapping to sell your products.

The ingredients to selling with an attitude are at your fingertips. In fact you were born with them.

All you need is a smile, confidence in yourself and your product, the ability to look people in the eye, and product knowledge.

Also, appearance can speak volumes about your attitude as well. So make sure you look the part. If people think that you don?t have the ability to take care of yourself, they will also think that you don?t have the ability to take care of them.

So sell with an attitude. Smile, be happy, put a spring in your step. Let the world now that you are here to sell, and that you love what you do. Remember, the better your attitude, the better your sales results will be.

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