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Selling ? no matter how well your business is doing ? selling will always be at the core of your business success. Mastering your sales skills ensures that those hard won potential customers are quickly changed to actual customers. Here are some selling skills to help you.

? Answer the question – “what is in it for me?” People buy to satisfy a need, a worry, because everyone else has it, or because they are curious about the product. Make sure that these questions are answered in your marketing and advertising as well as in any sales presentation.
? Prepare yourself. Get together your presentation as well as any potentional questions you may be asked. Make sure that you have examples, pictures, samples etc.
? Qualify your prospect – make sure that they are the decision maker and can afford the potential purchase. Also ensure that they are in your potential market – selling ice to Eskimos is for the expert of the foolish!
? Develop a relationship with your potential customers. People like to buy from friends and those that they trust.
? Decide on your pricing structure and build in some bonuses or discounts that you can offer during the presentation. Most people expect them.
? Make the purchase process easy. Make sure that you have any forms and contracts available. Don’t surround your prospect with red tape or make it difficult to contact your company. Make the second and subsequent purchases even easier. Put a reorder form in the sales pack and make a subscription easy.
? Ask for feedback, directly or indirectly during your presentation and after the sale. AND learn from it.
? Make the whole sales process fun for both your customer and for you.

Good luck with your sales.
? Copyright 2006 Biz Guru LLC
Lee Lister, writes as The Biz Guru, for a number of web sites including her own and where she sells her informational products. With over 20 year?s management and business consultancy experience with businesses large and small as well as being a serial entrepreneur, she now helps others set up, develop and market their businesses.

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