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Timeshare Selling Alternatives

Many people simply buy timeshares thinking that they would be able to take out some time from their busy schedule and go for vacation. But many end up not using their timeshares at all. So they start considering selling their timeshares. But if you think selling a timeshare is as easy as any other real estate property then you are completely wrong. Selling a timeshare is real pain in the neck taking several months to sell. Even when it finally sells, it sells at 40%-50% less than the original price. You might think is it really worth selling your timeshare or is there a better alternative to selling it. The answer is yes, there are alternatives to selling your timeshare. We discuss those in detail in the paragraphs to follow.

One of the best alternatives to selling a timeshare is to rent your timeshare instead. You can either work this out with your timeshare developer if he can do it. The developers usually have special classifieds for timeshare, it would be a good idea to put an advertisement in those classifieds as they target people interested in timeshares. You can also search for a real estate agency specializing in renting timeshares or vacation homes. Most popular travel destinations have agencies that specialize in this. But remember there can be a fee if you choose to rent your timeshare through a real estate agency. You can also sell your timeshares by yourself by either advertising directly in classifieds or telling your friends, neighbors, family members and colleagues to see if anyone is interested in buying a timeshare. If not, internet is the best place to find out where you can put your timeshare for rent. There are many popular auction sites like eBay which has timeshare rental section on their auction website.

Another alternative to selling your timeshare is timeshare exchange. Timeshare exchange is getting popular with many people facing problems with fixed schedule. And also many people get bored of going to the same place over and over again and they want a change. Timeshare exchange enables them to exchange their timeshare unit with similar unit at other timeshare location and at different time. Most timeshare companies have this facility and offer free exchange in the first year and charge a free from there on. But you can also go directly to a good exchange company and place your unit for exchange. But you have to remember that you can trade in only similar units only. You can?t trade in a one bedroom for a two bedroom. Also you cannot rent the exchanged timeshare to somebody else. You may also be charged a fee for this service and you will get a timeshare in exchange depending on availability.

Last but not the least, instead of selling your timeshares why not donate your timeshares to a charity if you don?t want to for through the hassle of selling, paying huge upfront fee and much more. The donation is just like how you donate your cars, boats or stocks. Donating your timeshares to charity is tax deductible. But be sure to donate it to a right charity organization who can utilize its full potential. You can compare this with any losses you may incur if you sell your timeshare, donating a timeshare could bring you a handsome tax deduction.