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Unique selling proposition is a marketing concept that refers to the one element that sets a firm apart form its competition. Your unique selling proposition is what differentiates you in the market place . Every business needs to have a unique selling proposition because that’s what you use to convince people to buy from you as opposed to the other guy.

What Is Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What makes you or your firm unique? You want to list eight or ten things and start out with the most important. List what?s different.

Your background?

Service area focus

Service level guarantee

Certain kinds of responsibilities and proactive monitoring?

Industry experience


Whatever you unique selling proposition is, you should be able to list eight or ten things that make you different from your competitors.

Your unique selling proposition then becomes the single most compelling benefit that your firm will provide to clients. When you talk about the features and benefits you offer, your unique selling proposition is the benefit.

The Bottom Line On Unique Selling Propositions

The main element that differentiates you from your competition is you unique selling proposition. Identifying and keying in on your unique selling proposition early on. Use this unique selling proposition to market your services to clients in a way that highlights the features and benefits that you alone offer.

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